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Brandtix offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, customizable way for companies to tap into the global conversation about their brand and competitors.

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Unlike other social media monitoring services, we appreciate that all our clients have unique requirements. That’s why we take the time to understand their individual challenges. And that’s why we dig deeper, and go further, to help them get to know their customers, providing tailored solutions to the questions that keep them up at night.

Our Value Proposition


Brandtix Transform takes your company’s “structured data” and visualises it into an intuitive, mobile-friendly format, converting all those impenetrable databases, spreadsheets and XML files into clear, coherent graphical displays, built from a range of incisive graphs and charts.

Whatever your business, Brandtix Transform brings all your need-to-know data to life, converting it into actionable intelligence, easily accessible by everyone at your company.

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Structured Data

  •   Connecting and visualising structured data in minutes
  •   From spreadsheets to databases, 
Brandtix Transform will bring your data to life
  •   Combine Brandtix Transform and Logic for the ultimate consumer insights tool – the what, the where, the why

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Brandtix Logic is an effective and intuitive online monitoring service, allowing companies and brands to daily monitor a dashboard overview of consumer buzz, volume, sentiment, and opinions, as well as the origins of where the comments originated.

Combining “Transform” and “Logic” into one stunning, easy-to-navigate dashboard, this powerful combination provides the tools to help you track online consumer behaviour, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, spending patterns, and much more.


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Unstructured Data

  •   Providing thorough, actionable, brand-boosting intelligence to assist marketers to glean more
from their consumers
  •   Monitoring and crawling the entire online space, 
but only interested in the relevant conversations
  •   Logic Dashboard puts all your must-view data
into a single centre-of-operation

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