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What Brandtix Does

Brand Centered - Technology Driven

Brandtix has the power to search millions of online sources for game-changing social intelligence that ensures you’ll never be out of the loop.

Built by Marketers for Marketers

Discover a cost-effective and fully-customisable way to tap into the conversation about your brand and its competitors across the entire social web.

Converting Data into Actionable Intelligence

Intuitively understand and quickly respond to consumer behaviours, opinions and requirements, and easily track marketing campaign effectiveness and spending patterns.

Establish your Audience

Identify the personality types that make up your global consumer base and segment your online audience using tangible, real-time data.

"Quickly and easily monitor and manage
your brand’s online reputation"
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How Brandtix Can Help Your Brand

Look Further

Brandtix doesn’t simply monitor social networks. The platform’s cutting-edge technology allows it to perform a comprehensive survey of every kind of online social community, providing critical intelligence on what matters most to you.

  • Brand Momentum

    Quickly chart the prevailing consumer perception of your brand.

  • Top Sources

    Identify the online destinations where your brand is mentioned most frequently.

Look Further
Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

From a quick snapshot of your brand’s online status, you can drill down to find the answers you need. Advanced metrics and insightful visualization across key parameters enable you to track and monitor your customers’ behaviour and identify key trends.

  • Top Trending

    Spot shifts in consumer sentiment and adapt your strategy accordingly.

  • Top Mentions

    Identify and record prominent themes in customer conversations.

See Clearer

Brandtix looks past trivial keywords to construct a contextual understanding of the world, reflecting and prioritizing the most relevant information to your needs.

  • Contextual Connections

    Gain essential perspective by uncovering the story behind each customer conversation.

  • Personalitix

    Assign personality traits to your consumers, making segmentation a breeze.

Understand Better
Leverage Insights

Act Smarter

By combining advanced algorithms with a brand-centred approach, Brandtix offers a better way to engage with your community, identify targeted marketing opportunities, spot potential influencers and mitigate crises—all in real-time.

  • Documents Timeline

    View every web-published document mentioning your brand.

  • Geo Heat Maps

    Instantly view locations mentioned in your consumers’ online conversations.

"Brandtix is made by marketers for marketers"
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Brandtix Dashboard

Brandtix Dashboard

The fully-customisable Brandtix dashboard provides an easily-digestible, high-level summary of the conversations your consumers are having about your brand, and your competitors.

Monitor which brands are generating a greater share of voice, which are gaining the most positive sentiment, the identities of your top influencers, and much more—all on a single, intuitive user interface that you can take everywhere you go.